Lancaster, Ma

Diocese of Worcester


Immaculate Conception Parish

 Fr. Tom Hultquist, Pastor 


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The Church was built as a Mission in 1873. 

The parish was established in 1915.


Today the Immaculate Conception parish is home

to Roman Catholics in the Lancaster Massachusetts area.



WELCOME! If you are new to our community, we hope you have felt welcome. If you are a visitor - we're glad you joined us! If you wish to become a member of our parish family, simply fill out the blue form available at the side entrances of the church and present the form and introduce yourself to Fr. Tom.  Additional information will be provided at that time.


SAVE THE DATE! The 100th Year Anniversary Celebration of our Church has begun. Here is a list of some of the events planned for the 100th Celebration: November 10th Speaker Fr. Richard Gibbons; November 14th Pasta Supper; December 12th Spiritual Trip to the "National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette". Information on additional events to follow.

THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE I.C. CHURCH COOKBOOKS are available at the front entrance of the church after all Masses and at the Pasta Supper. Donations are $10.00 each. If you are paying with a check, please make it payable to the I.C. Men's Club.

THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY THE OF I.C. PARISH REPRODUCTIONS OF THE CHURCH  PAINTING: There will be a sign up sheet at the front doors of the church for anyone who wishes to have a copy of the church painting and the donation is $10.00 each.

COMMEMORATIVE ORNAMENTS celebrating our Parish's 100th Anniversary are available at the front entrance of the Church. The donation is $7.00 each. If interested, please leave your name and phone number on the clip board. For more information, please contact Mary Doane at (508) 277-3605 or Peggy Garofoli at (978) 368-8139.


CATHOLIC CHARITIES HOMECARE PROGRAM is looking for Aides to care for elders, in surrounding towns. Duties include light housekeeping, laundry and shopping. Paid training, mileage reimbursement and a schedule to meet your needs. Please phone Catholic Charities Homecare Program at 1-800-649-4364.

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS about Long Term Care Options for yourself or a loved one? Options Counseling is a free service that assists people in making informed choices about long term care services, resources and supports. A goal of Options Counseling is to assist individuals to remain in the community, safely and independently. Who is eligible? People of any age who have a disability; People age 60 and over; Caregivers and family members. An Options Counselor will work with you to: Explain long term care services; Provide unbiased information and decision support; Connect you to resources, supports and services. An Options Counselor can meet with you in the setting of your choice in your own home, at an agency, hospital, rehabilitation or nursing facility, or over the phone. To speak to an Options Counselor, phone Montachusett Home Care at (978) 537-7411 or Frank Mitchell at (978) 365-9268.


PLEASE INFORM the rectory office if you should move to a new location, change your P.O. Box #, or if traveling for an extended period. This is most helpful to the office and we in turn will inform the Lord, wherever you are


F.Y.I.- To arrange an announced Mass, please call Eileen at the rectory office at (978) 365-6582, as the Mass calendar is on her desk.


HOSPICE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Do you have some time available each week that you could give in a constructive, meaningful way? If so, than perhaps you would make a good volunteer for Allegiance Hospice. Allegiance Hospice is looking for volunteers to visit patients under hospice care in nursing homes in Central Mass Area for a minimum of 1 hour a week. Volunteers are formally trained and are a valued part of the interdisciplinary team in serving patients at end of life. If you are interested, please call Lisa Trudell at (877) 255-4623.


THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE to artificial methods of birth control and IVF. Learn about FertilityCare, the new reproductive science that is 99% effective to avoid pregnancy, highly effective to achieve pregnancy and offers couples who are experiencing infertility hope to achieve their dream of pregnancy without artificial reproductive technologies. This is accomplished while following the teachings of the Church. To learn more about the program, contact Barbara Meier, RN, FCPI at (609) 457-0108 or



Discover what every couple needs to know, and what every woman has a right to know. The Creighton Model Fertility Care System helps married couples mutually value, respect and understand their combined fertility by promoting shared responsibility and marital bonding. This natural system for planning and avoiding pregnancy, views children as gifts and empowers women to manage PMS, Menopause, Infertility, and other health problems. For more information or to sign up for a free introductory session, phone Barbara Meier, RN, FCPI at the Fallon Clinic in Fitchburg at (978) 343-2775 or (609) 457-0108. Please obtain more information which is available at the church entrances.

As A REMINDER, our parish follows the guidelines of the national Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People approved by the US Bishops and the policies of the Diocese of Worcester in screening those who work with children in our care and in helping victims of abuse find healing. If you or someone you know has been sexually abused by a Church employee or volunteer in the past, please contact Frances Nugent, Victim Services Coordinator for our diocese at (508) 929-4363 (direct line & confidential voicemail). If you are concerned about a current case of abuse, please contact the local civil authorities immediately.


OUR AED (heart start) is available in the sacristy to the right of the door. Some parishioners trained in BLS have been oriented to the unit. In the event of an emergency, these individuals may require that one or two people assist by getting the AED and/or by calling 911 on the phone in the sacristy.


To Link to a MAP for finding our Parish or for Driving Directions, go HERE!


Mailing Address:

PO Box 95

Lancaster, MA 01523



Rectory: (978) 365-6582

Fax:       (978) 365-3097

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